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Volnay Fremiet d'Angerville and Monte Bello Chardonnay

Volnay Fremiet and Monte Bello Chardonnay

An impromptu dinner with Vg + J and I decided to pull out these two babies to see where they are at.

The Monte Bello Chardonnay 2000 by Ridge Vineyards was stupendous. I've had a fair number of oxidised bottles from the same vintage so I remain convinced that one shouldn't keep these whites for too long a period of time. Anyway the wine exhibited a beautiful golden canary core (unlike the oxidised salmon-brick colour); lots of butterscotch, honey, light caramel, lemon drops and vanilla-scented cream on the nose and palate. Bright, lush and refined with a touch of phenolic structure to balance out all that richness. Perfect accompaniment to the steamed razor clams and deep fried frogs legs at Jade Palace.

The Volnay 1er Cru Fremiet 2002 by Marquis d'Angerville was a lot more feminine than I had anticipated, given its proximity to Pommard. But it was the dull garnet core colour of the wine that really surprised me - probably the most "aged" colour I've seen in a huge range of 2002 Burgs so far. To be fair, the cork was brittle and even with my expertise it broke and fell into the bottle so I guess the polymerisation may have been a little advanced? Nevertheless, the wine was beautiful with distinctive aromas of coffee and field berries, complemented by some leather, spices and tonnes of ripe red fruits on the palate. Silky, ripe tannins with a light minty, eucalyptus aftertaste and med-plus finish. It gained some sweetness and depth over dinner and at one point I thought it was really plummy in flavour. Went down pretty well with some braised fresh oysters and roast pork in claypot - the Canto version of a surf and turf.

Not a bad way to curb the Monday Blues eh?

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