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A Brandy for the Fireplace - Juan Sebastian Elcano (Gutierrez-Colosia)

Juan Sebastian Elcano Brandy Colosia

A deep shade of mahogany core; pronounced aromas of chocolate, raisins, dried prunes and vanilla; rich, full-bodied, slightly sweet with notes of caramel, coffee and mocha on the palate. Pretty long finish. At least 60 years of age, this is a blend of (primarily) Palomino, with some Airen and Pedro Ximenez, aged in the Solera system using American oak.

Dangerously easy-drinking and addictive, not to mention a steal compared to all the overpriced Cognacs and unfortunately in recent years, Armagnacs. A perfect evening drink after a good meal or a wonderful bottle for the fireplace in winter with loved ones. Now, don't say I "bojio".

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