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Back To Square One

Another lockdown in Singapore, this round thanks to all the irresponsible KTV party goers and hostesses. Quite frustrating really for a lot of people here now that the clusters have spread far and wide in the community. The hard work poured into making sure we can continue our social lives normally is now completed wasted. Ugh.

Phase 2 Heightened Alert will once again take effect tomorrow until 18 August. In view of this, we are giving away a complimentary 250ml bottle of artisanal & organic EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) with any purchases of $150 and above, as our #WineFromHome #SpecialOffer to tie us through this challenging period. This is a delicious, cold-pressed EVOO that one should drizzle on all kinds of salads, dip it with very good sourdough/ bread or even drink it on its own! If EVOO doesn't tickle your fancy, we will then waive the delivery charge for you until we can get dine out again.

TO ORDER: please DM us or WhatsApp 9164 8250. And if you need some suggestions or advice on wines, or prefer that we assemble a mixed box for you, we will be more than happy to assist - just drop us a note!

Hang in there everyone!

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