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Chinese New Year Specials: Brandy

More Chinese New Year goodies!

For those who are looking to impress their in-laws or future in-laws this coming Lunar New Year, we have two excellent and rare French brandies which will put a huge smile on any lucky recipients of these bottles:

1. Maison Gélas' Château de Martet #BasArmagnac 1990, Bas-Armagnac

2. Domaine Hubert Lamy Vieille Fine de Bourgogne (last distilled in1989-90), Burgundy

These are brandies we love sipping with some CNY bak kwa or 猪肉干 (almost mandatory BBQ roast pork slices) at family gatherings, and they also serve as an amazing digestif after dinner, while we chat with friends and family late into the evening.

Only a few precious bottles of these are available so if you are keen to grab them, please drop us a message online or WhatsApp us sooner rather than later!


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