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Chinese New Year Specials: La Bota 32 de Manzanilla "Navazos"

If you are having hotpot, steamboat or chinese dumplings (饺子) for your CNY gatherings, we have just the right bottle of wine for you!

EquipoNavazos La Bota 32 de Manzanilla "Navazos" is light and delicate with notes of chamomile flowers, sea spray, olive brine and lightly toasted nuts. We love to sip on this dry sherry slowly and also stir some of it into hotpot broths, especially those made from prawn/seafood/ mushroom base as it will actually enhance the umami-ness & seafood sweetness while suppressing any fishy tones simultaneously, making it a truly mind-blowing epicurean experience. Those of us who can't live without the spicy Sichuan chilli and vinegar dipping sauce when having dumplings will be delighted to know that this Manzanilla works wonderfully with the dish too.

Limited bottles of these babies are on our CNY Special Deals this week so do get in touch if you're thinking about what to serve during your hotpot or dumpling gatherings this year!


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