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Chinese New Year Specials: La Bota 45 de Fino Amontillado

This week's CNY SpecialDeals is one of the most wonderful pairings on earth for the much cherished albeit luxurious Pen Cai (盆菜) dish, usually filled with braised abalone, sea cucumber, scallops, oysters, sio bak, gooseweb, fishmaw and a few other delectable fresh seafood & roast meats.

This umami bomb of a dish requires something equally powerful but fine, which could stand up to the most flavourful, robust and intense soy and dried seafood sauces. We could think of nothing better than an aged, matured fine dry sherry from Spain or for those who can afford it, rare 30yo Shao Tsing or Hua Diao which are almost impossible to find outside of China.

But fret not! We have an amazing bottle on offer this week that does the job perfectly - Equipo Navazos' La Bota 45 de Fino Amontillado, bottled in 2013. A fino that is on its way towards an Amontillado as its thin flor feast layer start breaking apart, this is an ancient category of dry sherry that combines both the finesse & elegance of a fine, fine Fino and the attractive notes of an Amontillado. At least 15 years of age, this is one bottle you shouldn't miss!

To grab a bottle of this fascinating wine, please drop us an email or WhatsApp us. CNY special discounts will be provided to the lucky few who respond before the week is over, or until we sell out.

Happy Monday and have a great week ahead! 😘


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