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Chinese New Year Specials: Z Rouge

If you love 腊肉 (la rou/ lap yuk) or Chinese cured pork belly that is smoked and air dried, you will find this bottle of "Z Rouge" by La Vrille et Le Papillon irresistible, as we discovered yesterday with a plate of 芥兰炒腊肉 (kailan stir fried with la rou).

The intense blue and dark fruits, hints of spice, mandarin peel and light whiff of natural aromas in this purplish red Syrah & Merlot blend worked really well with the smokiness of the salty 腊肉 and the sweetness provided by crunchy kailan stalks. A wine imbued with vibrant acidity, lovely intensity and mouthfeel, you may find yourself draining this bottle fairly quickly like we did as we mopped up the last morsels of the delicious 腊肉.

We decided there and then that this "Z Rouge" should go on our Chinese New Year Special Offer given its affinity towards all the 腊味 and its rather festive bright red colours on the label.

CNY discounts will apply to these bottles of red from now till the end of the week. We should also highlight that no more than 2000 bottles are produced each year! To order - just drop us a message at or WhatsApp 9164 8250.

By the way, some of you texted us to ask about all the 腊味 and where to buy them - there are a few stalls in Chinatown who sell them, but variety is somewhat limited as our gahmen doesn't allow these goods to be imported from China anymore, so they are typically made locally here in SG these days. If you have friends or family coming home from HK or China, do get them to buy you some! We will be more than willing to barter them with wines too 😉


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