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CNY Specials: Ancestral Julien Courtois

How often do you see a beautifully drawn tiger art on a wine label? If you have been searching for one to grace your tables for the Year of the Water Tiger 2022, here is your chance!

Designed and drawn by #HeidiKuka, the partner of winemaker #JulienCourtois (based in the Loire Valley of France), this 2014 "Ancestral" is a unique blend of ungrafted #Gamay, #Côt (or more commonly known as #Malbec) and the rare #Gascon.

Cloudy ruby red with shades of garnet, this red may have some light funk but it is packed with aromas and flavours of macerated strawberries, sour cherries, cranberries, dried plums, spice and mandarin peel. Tart and high in acid, it worked really well with some plump, charred BBQ pork (char siew) and we reckon it will be a fantastic accompaniment to braised pork trotters, pen cai and roast duck too. For those who love hi-acid (and natural) wines, this is a no brainer.

Only $60 nett per bottle (U.P. $80) from now till 15th Jan 2022, while stocks last. To order, please drop us an email at or WhatsApp 9164 8250.

Don't say we Bo Jio!


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