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curry, sherry & chenin

We adore curries, especially those that are made from scratch and with a lot of love. Our friends at @jiakbacurry prepare theirs with only the freshest ingredients in small batches using a family recipe that has been passed down, tweaked and perfected to the current version we see today. They have recently launched a new takeaway/ delivery offering on weekends - whole chicken leg curry meals with a choice of steamed jasmine rice or baguette, and we are happy to report that they may well be on their way to give a lot of curry chicken vendors a run for their money!

Jiak Ba Curry's Chicken Leg with Steamed Rice and Their Original Curry Paste

With just the right level of spiciness (without being overly fiery), balanced with freshly squeeze coconut milk, we mopped up every single drop of that sumptuous curry gravy with sourdough bread. Also, we placed two of the wines from our "Wine From Home" Box No. THREE to test and both showed beautifully with the reddish curry.

Domaine Guiberteau's Saumur Blanc & Gutierrez Colosia's Dry Oloroso

Domaine Guiberteau's Saumur Blanc 2009 (100% Chenin Blanc) needs no introduction these days we reckon. Toasted citrus, slightly honeyed with ripe stone fruit flavours bound by a bracing acidity backbone and oxidative tones, these bottles are now pretty rare given its vintage so if you are thinking about having a taste of this aged 12 years old Chenin, some of MT's private stash are now available exclusively via our Wine From Home bundles.

Colosia's Oloroso was amber-mahogany in colour with prominent candied orange peel, toasted nuts and toffee on the nose but absolutely DRY and saline on the palate with roasted coffee, nutty and a touch briny. Intense, rich yet savoury and transparent, this dry sherry (drawn from its casks in 2012) rounded off the spice and heat of Jiak Ba's curry gravy, providing a pretty long finish that weaves in and out of the realms of spice and saline heaven.

That pretty much sums up our curry, Sherry and Chenin Sunday! Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful week ahead, and if you're thinking about making some curries soon, do give our wines & curry paste box a try.


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