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Delicious Ladoix Premier Cru Les Gréchons by Sylvain Loichet

Ladoix-Serrigny is often an overlooked part of Burgundy just a little north of Beaune, right next to the famous hills of Corton where two of the most sought after Grand Crus (i.e. Corton and Corton-Charlemagne) are located. Mainly planted with Pinot Noir, Ladoix's Chardonnays, in the hands of the right vignerons, can be really beautiful, and possibly give some of its more prestigious neighbours in the area a huge run for the money given how affordable Ladoix wines still are these days. As you can see from the map below, most of the village's production falls under the A.O.C. Villages and Régionale, which means quite a fair amount will end up being labelled as "Côtes-de-Beaune Villages" or "Bourgogne", making the Premier Cru & Grand Cru wines from this appellation quite limited.

We have previously talked about how good Sylvain Loichet's Saint-Aubin 1er Cru is here but his Ladoix 1er Cru is equally fantastic! Also a vintage 2010 baby, his "Les Gréchons" exhibits a strong lemon yellow core with flecks of light gold, bursting with floral aromas of ripe citrus, vanilla spiced pears, light honey and hints of white nectarines. Elegant, gentle and mineral with notes of lemon curd, fresh pineapple, lightly toasted coconut, red apple, and vanilla beans on the palate, balanced by a vibrant acidity backbone. While it may not have the hazelnuts or nuttiness element much loved by those who adore Corton-Charlemagne, this Ladoix does have a slight buttery texture that is quite charming, especially if one drinks it with a roasted French Bresse chicken served with morel mushroom sauce, and paper-thin shavings of Périgord winter black truffles if one is feeling indulgent! A wine we love drinking while we wait for the Grand Cru Charlies to mature. Limited bottles available now if you're keen - just drop us a message. Happy Monday everyone!

Ladoix 1er Cru "Les Gréchons" 2010 by Sylvain Loichet


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