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#DiscoverWithMT Mini-Series: A Rare Liqueur from Jura

Welcome back to our #DiscoverWithMT mini-series Tuesdays!

We are releasing some rare bottles of liqueur made by Domaine Pignier in the Eastern France of Jura, the new hot region for wine collectors and adventurous drinkers! This is a blend of Poulsard & Pinot Noir juice fortified with their very own grape-distilled brandy, which is known as fine (pronounced as fin) in the area, before it is aged and matured in barrels until bottling. Sealed under a red wax capsule, this is a fortified wine that should be served cold as an aperitif meant for sipping in dainty, beautiful crystal glasses, preferably with a few slices of superb quality aged cured ham and a sliver of Charentais melon. Dark chocolate desserts which aren't overtly sweet will work wonders with it too, as would a nice gooey burnt Basque-style cheesecake.

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, or unique bottles of dessert wines to grace your tables this upcoming holiday season, this 2007 Liqueur François Pignier might just be the perfect candidate. Do note that they are the last batch of liqueur made by the winery so these bottles are now as scarce as hen's teeth! Limited bottles are available at an unbelievable $69 nett per bottle, after our #DiscoverWithMT Tuesdays 19% discount. WhatsApp us at 9164 8250 or email us at to secure your allocation. First-come-first-serve basis, limited to 2 bottles per customer. Offer is valid on 9 Nov 2021 only, no further discounts or vouchers will be applicable.

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