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#DiscoverWithMT Mini-Series: La Bota 32 de Manzanilla by Equipo Navazos

We are proud to announce a brand new #DiscoverWithMT mini-series where we will showcase an ongoing discovery of curated bottles of wine or spirit every Tuesday by offering a one-day-only special deal of 19% off the bottle's usual price to allow customers a chance to discover new bottles and experiences.

For the first week of November, we will start with Equipo Navazos' La Bota 32 de Manzanilla "Navazos" that was drawn from a solera stack at Sánchez Ayala in the Spanish coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. This is, for us, one of the great, underrated white wines of Spain that will work with various Asian cuisines, fresh seafood and especially cold flower crabs and steamed hairy crabs (which are now in season). The creamy, savoury crab roe + Manzanilla is a mind-blowing combination that we will encourage all wine & food lovers to try at least once!

The Navazos boys were right about this La Bota 32 - bottled in 2011, the Manzanilla is still pretty young but we thought it is moving into the perfect drinking window now, given how it tasted like a few days ago with its distinctive aromas and flavours of chamomile flowers, toasted lemons, toasted nuts, light honey and sea spray, framed beautifully by layers of salinity and a delicate, elegant mouthfeel. These Manzanilla bottles are now quite the collector's item given its rarity so if you're game to try a bottle of this with your next seafood or crab feast, do drop us a note here or simply visit our online store and apply the code DISCOVERWITHMTBOTA32 at check-out within the next 24 hours. Don't say we bojio!


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