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#DiscoverWithMT Mini-Series: La Bota 36 Pedro Ximénez by Equipo Navazos

This amazing Pedro Ximénez (PX) came from a very, very old solera stack in the deep cellars of Fernando de Castilla, and the Navazos boys picked some of the best butts to produce a mere 2400 bottles (50cl format) in 2012. The wine has an almost ethereal and floral nose of dried figs, candied black fruits, molasses, toasted coffee beans and aged mandarin peel. Dense, intense, sweet (of course), and brimming with flavours of sun dried raisins, ripe Mission figs, mocha, prunes, candied hazelnuts, plums and cacao nibs, this is one precious black nectar that should be served cold in small doses with loved ones and close friends, especially during Christmas and New Year period where Christmas fruit cakes and flambé puddings are in need of a wonderful alcoholic companion. For us, a fireplace with gentle falling snow outside the windows will be ideal but alas, travel isn't quite that possible at the moment but we shall celebrate the holiday season with a couple of these anyway in sunny Singapore!

As part of our #DiscoverWithMT mini-series Tuesdays, we are sharing these babies with you guys at a marked-down price of $85 nett per bottle (U.P. $105) only. And as usual, this will be a one-day-only offer on a first come first served basis. WhatsApp us at 9164 8250 or email us at if you're thinking about trying this rare, luscious PX. Orders can be placed from NOW untill 23 Nov 2021, 2359hrs. Don't say we bojio!


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