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#DiscoverWithMT Mini-Series: Nicolas Potel's Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2003

Our #DiscoverWithMT mini-series Tuesdays is back with some limited magnums of Nicolas Potel's Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2003!

Bonnes Mares is the only Grand Cru site in the Côtes de Nuits (Northern Burgundy) region shared by two major appellations - Chambolle-Musigny and Morey-St-Denis, with the latter constituting no more than 10% of the total planting acreage. Pinot Noir reigns supreme here and a small amount of whites (Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc) are actually allowed in the final blend though this is exceedingly rare.

Most Pinots made in Bonnes Mares tend to be quite intense, austere, muscular, rich and robust in tannin structure. Needless to say, these wines will usually require a good 10-20 years of cellaring time to mature before they can truly shine. Some of the star producers here (as the area is quite fragmented) are Mugnier, Roumier, Groffier and Comte de Vogüé, just to name a few of our favourites, but their wines now command some insane astronomical prices, if you can even get your hands on any genuine bottles!

While Nicolas Potel's version may not be as magical or as ethereal as those names mentioned above, it is a solid effort and one that represents the terroir well with a more pocket-friendly price tag. The 2003 is now ready for drinking with deep, saturated tones of ripe red fruits, mint, minerals, mocha, liquorice and hints of tobacco & spice. There's of course ample tannins here but time has softened and refined them, making it a delight to drink with roast Peking duck, roast pigeons, and if possible, some charcoal roasted whole leg of lamb too.

If you have always wondered how a Bonnes Mares tastes like, here's your chance. Limited MAGNUMS of these 18yo babies are now available at a mere $608 after applying our #DiscoverWithMT Tuesdays discount! WhatsApp us at 9164 8250 or email us at to secure your allocation. First-come-first-serve basis, limited to 1 magnum per customer. Offer is valid for 24 hours only. No further discounts or vouchers will be applicable.

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