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En Attendant Suzie 2009 by Les Trois Petiotes

We have waited on this bottle for so long we nearly gave up hope! The wine had been stubborn, unyielding, slightly funky and just a little too austere since its release, having tried this with various wine drinking friends over the years.

But but but...we were pleasantly surprised yesterday that the wine has finally decided to come out and play after all these years!

Still a strong, intense purplish red colour, this Malbec (70%) and Merlot blend is now showing plenty of ripe dark fruits, boysenberry, mulberry and dark chocolate with an underlying tart, dried rosella, rose hip & hibiscus flowers core, making it quite a joy to drink with some Canto-style roast duck and char siew (sticky, honeyed BBQ pork). A touch of herbaceous tone did emerge after some air contact but that actually added to its layer of complexity. Round and silky tannins with nary a hint of natural funk.

Those who love the gentler, more fruit forward style of Bordeaux, and Malbec driven wines will adore this. Yes, there is high ripe fruit content here but more like a mixed berry compote tempered with bright lemon juice than outright jammy, out of balance Parkerised stuff. Elegant, pure, poised and feminine at long last.

You know what they say - better late than never. And at a mere $60 nett a bottle, it is an absolute steal for something at this age and vintage. Multiple bottles purchase will enjoy additional discounts so please text us if you're keen!


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