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La Salada Tinc Set Ancestral 2019

This is one tasty and thirst-quenching #PetNat which is crisp, refreshing, effervescent and most importantly, natural in the best possible way (read: not crazy wild & funky). Made from 60% Xarello and 40% Parellada grown organically on clay-limestone vineyards, the grapes were fermented separately by natural yeasts before they were blended as one prior to bottling.

Great as an aperitif but also excellent with all kinds of charcuterie, deep fried calamari, stuffed Spanish piquillo peppers and even steamed organic okra with X.O. sauce and hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps) as pictured. As the wine gets a bit more oxygen exposure after a few hours, some of its wilder, naughtier characters do come out to play!

A crowd favourite in our last few wine pop-ups, this is one wine that will make a lot of people happy at parties and social gatherings - just remember to chill them really really well. If you're keen to grab some of these beauties, just drop us a message directly on IG or DM us at 9164 8250. Happy Monday everyone!


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