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Marie et Vincent Tricot's "Les Marcottes" Rouge

Auvergne has been a hotbed in France for a fairly large number of aspiring young winemakers for the last decade or so, and this bottling from Marie and Vincent Trico is no different. The same debut cuvée (in 2003) after settling down in the area, "Les Marcottes" is a 100% Gamay wine fermented naturally and aged in neutral large oak barrels (what the French called foudres) with a few weeks of maceration. Grown on five hectares of limestone, clay and basalt base soil, the vines' average age is approximately 50 years old, and can be considered as vieilles vignes (old vines), technically speaking.

The bottle sampled yesterday with some friends over some delicious Peking Duck was a 2019 vintage that was immediately aromatic upon opening - redolent of ripe wild berries and bright red fruits, earthy tones and a small touch of herbaceousness. One of the truly delicious wines for me in the line-up yesterday. It would be interesting to see how this wine will evolve and develop over the next decade or so but when a wine is this juicy, how could you resist NOT drinking it within the first two years eh? Fancy trying this? Ask the Wine Uncles aka RAW Wine (@rawwinesg) nicely for an allocation before they run out!


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