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Nicolas Camarans Mauvais Temps 2018

Tried looking up the actual composition of this cuvée by Nicolas Camarans online but none seemed to be able to confirm the actual blend. After tasting this over two days, we thought this is most likely a blend of primarily Fer Servadou and Cabernet Franc, possibly with a small touch of Négret de Banhars (an ancient variety from Aveyron).

Similar to Nicolas' Fer de Sang, this Mauvais Temps 2018 is also slightly cloudy, but with a much deeper, stronger maroon red and light tinges of purple. Quite wild and positively funky on the nose upon opening with aromas of wild berries, damson plums and faint tones of tomato vines. On the palate, it kinda reminded us of Méryl Croizier's Tous Cousin with its slightly gamey, funky notes and intense, ripe blue and black fruits. But once the wine had been aerated in a decanter for a few hours, the purity of fruits truly came to the fore, with strong, ripe red fruits and leafy tones that lifted the wine out of its initial murky state to one that's far lighter, much better integrated drop that is quite glouglou.

We paired this with some flower shaped Campanelle pasta and broccolini coated with thick, glossy oxtail ragu, and it was a match made in heaven, especially once the wine has fully opened up and revealed its true self. Cantonese style braised beef brisket & tendon, coq au vin, reuben or pastrami sandwich should also go swimmingly well with this Aveyron wine we reckon!


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