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One Night Only Jura Evening

Admittedly, we haven't done as many wine dinners or pairing events as we would have liked in the last couple of years given all the Covid restrictions. But when we do, we strive to ensure our fellow friends and wine lovers dine and wine well with us! So we are absolutely stoked to announce our first planned wine dégustation event for 2022 - a one night only wine pairing dinner on Sunday, 29 May 2022 evening with some of the aged (and now quite rare) bottles of Domaine de l'Octavin and Domaine Pignier cuvées. The final dinner menu will be revealed later but rest assured that all the wines will be paired with a variety of exquisite dishes.

If you're keen to join us for the evening or have any enquiries about the event, please reach out to us directly via email or WhatsApp. Limited seats available. Stay tuned for more Wine Soirée with MT!


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