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Pithon-Paillé Quarts de Chaume 2009, Loire Valley

Sweet wines have never truly been our thing (at least not on a regular basis) but occasionally we do love to sip on some with great balance of residual sugar (sweetness), acidity, tension and zing. Jo Pithon's version of a bortrytised Chenin Blanc from the area of Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru in the Loire Valley of France is one such example. Golden amber in colour now with an intoxicating profile of orange peel (more like English bitter orange marmalade), roasted quince, nectar, ripe apricots, sweet Thai pineapples and spices. We paired this with different Valrhona dark chocolates and it was brilliant. Rich, dark and luscious chocolate cake or brownies would work beautifully too we reckon!


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