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Sushi with Boring Burgundy?

The weekend is FINALLY here but given the current covid-19 situation in Singapore (another 8 unlinked cases today) we aren't partying anywhere - not that we can anyway, so we comfort ourselves with something nice to nibble and sip on!

Saba Sushi - Hashida's Takeout

Sushi, sashimi and finer Japanese cuisine tend to pair way better with sake and soju, if we have to be completely honest. But Champagnes, white wines (heck, even light reds) and dry sherries do work wonderfully if chosen wisely. White burgundies, or mostly Chardonnay in general, are quite versatile with quite a fair amount of sashimi and sushi dishes as long as they are not clumsily made with disjointed balance and an obscene extraction of new, heavily toasted oak.

Sylvain Loichet's Saint-Aubin 1er Cru "En Remilly" 2008

Instead of picking the usual (yawn) white Burg of Puligny-Montrachet, Meursault, Chablis or Chassagne-Montrachet, we settled on a Saint-Aubin Premier Cru "En Remilly" made by a young vigneron called Sylvain Loichet. Just slightly over a decade old, this 2008 En Remilly displayed a bright, almost canary, lemon yellow core colour with prominent yellow citrus, lemon zest, fresh pineapple and flinty aromas, supported by ripe lemons and nuances of green mango flavours. Its mouth-watering acidity did a really great job piercing through the gorgeous, slightly fatty aburi-ed saba sushi flecked with yuzu made by the amazing team behind Hashida (

Saint-Aubin was more of an under-the-radar kinda wine, shared only between the really serious Burg drinkers (we are talking about more than 15 years ago when Olivier Lamy's wines started to gain traction in a significant way). With the rise of so many "famous" producers in that particular area in the last decade, not to mention the astronomical escalation in Burgundy's vineyard land and unquenchable thirst for Burgs, they are unfortunately no longer as "affordable" as they used to be. We thought it would be nice to include this particular bottle in our "Wine From Home" Box No. TWO so that fellow wine lovers can experience what this is all about without breaking an arm and a leg!

After all, how could one resist the temptation of biting into the utterly stunning roll of Futomaki by Hashida-san (pictured below), jam-packed with seafood goodness, with a sip of properly made, vinous Saint-Aubin? Now you know where to get your fix eh while we are required to dine at home obediently for the next few weeks!

Happy weekend みなさん!

Futomaki Roll Hashida Sushi Takeout


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