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The Perfect Pairing for Époisses

One of the most breathtaking pairing when it comes to fromage or cheese is this La Bota 24 de Fino Amontillado by Equipo Navazos with some bold, strong-tasting Époisses from Burgundy!

A Fino that is turning into an Amontillado (hence the name), this is an ancient category that has been banned by the official Spanish legislation so these bottles are favoured by sherry connoisseurs or collectors around the world. Saline, nutty and lemony with hints of smoke, light oxidative tones and citrus peel, it works tremendously well with the mushroomy and garlicky notes of the pungent, soft washed-rind cheese.

A strong white wine like an oaked Burgundian Chardonnay is perhaps a more "classic" pairing (which we also adore had their prices not gone through the roof in the last decade), given that both items are produced in the region. But...we love how this Fino Amontillado resets our palate with every sip as we savour every spoonful of the pungent yet delightful Époisses. If you are serving some soft, strong tasting cheeses this holiday season, do give this Fino Amontillado a try! 25% off this precious gem from now till Boxing Day when you DM us.

Merry Christmas!


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