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Unicorn Chenin Blanc

Quite a stunning work of art as far as wine labels go, this is a natural Chenin Blanc called "Résonance" (vintage 2014) made by Julien Courtois and his wife, Heidi Kuka, whose family is based in Soings-en-Sologne of the Loire Valley. Harvested by hand and fermented naturally by indigenous yeasts, before the wine spent a few years, undisturbed, in neutral oak barrels.

Julien Courtois' 100% Chenin Blanc "Résonance" 2014

The wine is now a cloudy golden yellow (much deeper than we recalled it to be when the wine was first released), with aromas of ripe limes & stone fruits, honey, macerated Japanese plums, and a faint touch of curry leaf reduction. The tartness in the wine brought to mind greengage plums that are almost ripe, lime zest, bright citrus and some mineral-driven tones. One of the cleanest and purest wines from Julien that usually takes a few years to unfurl its richness and complexity. Best consumed within the day when the wine is opened as it will, like we discovered, lose its attractiveness by the next day. Pretty amazing with some buffalo milk Figliata & San Marzano tomatoes drizzled with a generous dose of peppery Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a huge basket of freshly fried, crispy calamari. Quite the unicorn wine and perfect for the weekend that flew past way too quickly!


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