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When Chardy Meets Savvy

The combination of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc is actually more common than one may think, and can be found in most viticultural areas in the world, be it New or Old World wine regions. This bottle of "Mon Blanc des Molières" by Isabelle and Bruno Perraud, who are based in Vauxrenard (Beaujolais, France), has come a long way since its initial release to reveal aromas of charred lemons, apricots, Bosch pears, matchstick flint, minerals and faint undertones of herbaceousness with its lightly cloudy deep yellow core colours.

You'd think that an organic, completely natural wine made with zero sulphur addition and almost no intervention ten years ago wouldn't last past its infancy, but this proves otherwise. In fact, in the first few years after its release, the wine was so very tightly coiled and unyielding until its latent energy is somewhat released in the last couple of years, thereby allowing most of its primary fruit profile to come through, with a toasty, flinty and citrusy core so strong that it will likely take a few more years to mature fully. Sealed under a yellow wax capsule, we believe this has the propensity to age well. Of course, as with most well-made wines that are "alive", there is bottle variation here. Some are "cleaner" than others, but all of them never strayed far into the wilderness of brett, mousiness, oxidation and extreme funk. This is a wine that will work with spicy food, as long as they are not the super fiery ones. We paired this with some homemade mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐) and it worked brilliantly despite the liberal amount of tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns and dried red chillies used. We reckon some spicy Southern Indian curries, ChongQing spicy chicken, Xinjiang lamb skewers and fried black pomfret stuffed with belacan will be amazing too.

If you fancy trying a bottle of this ChardySav, you can now find it at RVLT in Singapore, or just WhatsApp us at +65 9164 8250!


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